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Biyernes, Mayo 3, 2013


INspiration....Bridal was my very first photoshoot event..organizing this event made easy for me through the help of a lot of people from models,photographer,consultant,suppliers,wardrobes and all..It all started when a model friend Anne Catalan told me she wanted to have a bridal portfolio and viola!So i contacted Mr Ryan Jordan about the plan and he said he gathered some of his photographer friend and me to gathered my photographer friend too.I also contacted Bella Accessories by Carlota Derpo and the answer was Yes..really happy that time we almost on our way through..Ate Vi knock on my door one day tagging along Ralph Lauren and have her first makeup gig with me and eventually we became friend,and on that day i told RL about INspiration....Bridal and she said happy now..I have no idea on what to do on wardrobe so i contacted Cris Roxas for help as he was a student taking up Clothing Technology at UP-Diliman and he too said YES..Since this is Wedding/Bridal theme so i need male models as Groom so i contacted Kristian Din and EJ Carillo and they too said YES...all is well now so we set the date and here it is now..

So thankful and grateful to you guys(you know who you are..lols) in making INspiration series truly a memorable one!!!
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren and Kristian Din

Anne Catalan

Anne Catalan and EJ Carillo

Kristian Din

Huwebes, Mayo 2, 2013


INspiration was  divided into two parts series of photoshoot with friends photographer and models and is a brainchild by yours truly,I personally look and bought their wardrobe and accessories(many thanks Dubai/Divi)for being there!..lols..

Our Photographers(you know who you are),i'm so safe not to mention your name for i might skip and forget to mention one(mahirap na...lols)...thanks a lot guys!

My friend Cris Roxas who was a student at UP-Diliman,now a graduate of BS Clothing Tech in the said  university who helps and act as our fashion consultant...thank you Cris!

My model friend Ralp Lauren who's always there even on the first part of INspiration ...thank you so much!you take care always while you are there in the US and miss you so much!

To model Virvic Adriano a very nice and supportive (skipping school just to grace and pose for us is quite a grateful act of her.Thank you so much!miss you !thanks for Ryan Jordan for bringing and introduce me to her..miss you Ryan! your'e now a successful wedding photographer..

To Ate Vi our custodian and vanguard our belongings...miss you Ate Vi and many thanks!...see you all guys soon!

I'll try my best to have another INspiration and i hope it would be more memorable than ever!

Miyerkules, Mayo 1, 2013

Secrete' TEAM D5100

This is my first time with the ShutterGlitch  Phils headed by Mr Jhess Labadia,..I've meet him during my INspiration photoshoot series top-billed Ralph Lauren as my model and also feature here in this event,actually got two model friends here in Secrete',the other one is Alex Abdon..